DbUnit.NET is a unit testing framework written for the .NET (2.0) platform with the intention of making it easy for developers to code unit tests for database access code.

A developer creates a dataset, defined within an XML file, and then extends one of a number of parent classes to inherit pre-defined functionality in order to use the framework.

The framework is database agnostic. If you can construct an IDbConnection implementation to connect to the database, then DbUnit.NET can be used to test the data access code.

Latest News

22nd May 2006

Alpha 4a released.

Added the missing SqlServerIdentitySelector that should have been in alpha4. Sorry!

20th May 2006

Alpha 4 released.

Introduced Structured Xml Datasets and handling of auto-increment identity columns.

12th March 2006

Alpha 3 released.

Split out tests from main code so no reliance on NUnit, NMock, or SQLite.NET in "production" code.

6th March 2006

Second release of DbUnit.NET (alpha2). Corrects the issue of having to use more than one 'using' statement to get a base functionality.

'using DbUnit.Framework;' should now be all that is required to access the basic functionality.

4th March 2006

First release of DbUnit.NET (alpha1). Go to downloads page and enjoy

2nd March 2006

Initial version of home page...

1st March 2006

Sourceforge.NET project registered (and approved) so now the "real" work starts!